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Body Sculpting Services

Body Sculpting
It is now widely accepted that Radiofrequency, Ultrasonic Cavitation and Vacuum Massage is the best currently available technology for non-invasive, non-surgical skin tightening and cellulite removal.

The treatments are used in aesthetics as a way to deliver intense heat to tissues deeper than the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin) with the aim to boost collagen production, circulation and (optionally, depending on treatment depth) fat release from those tissues.

Radiofrequency is based on the fact that very high frequency electrical currents (300kHz-40MHz) penetrate the superficial layers of the skin without heating them, only heating selected tissues, such as the dermis (middle skin layer where collagen-producing cells are located) and hypodermis (deepest skin layer where big collagen structures and fat tissue are located).

A deep Radiofrequency treatment, skin looseness and cellulite can be treated at the same time for smoother, slimmer firmer skin with one treatment.

This is the essence of treatment: to provide a deep, focused action where it matters without causing irritation, redness and burns which can occur when the surface of the skin is affected

It is recommended to exercise following treatment to metabolize the newly released fatty acids and glycerol to completely remove them from your body’s fat storage.

  • ~ Abdomen
  • ~ Back (Bra Line)
  • ~ Buttocks
  • ~ FACE (Chin\Checks\Décolletage)
  • ~ Hips (Saddle Bags)
  • ~ Thighs (Inner)
  • ~ Upper Arms
  • ~ Waist (Love Handles)
  • ~ Knees
Pricing Per Treatment Area: CHOOSE FROM OUR THREE OPTIONS:
  • 4 Treatments $400
  • 6 Treatments $600
  • 8 Treatments $800

*A series of six (6) to twelve (12) treatments will give you the best results*
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